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Download Name: WonderSwanX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Handheld & Arcade Emulators

Submitted By: Sean

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What's News
Given the full "Madmab Edition" treatment.
New dual-preview skin to support Ressurection Xtra's. Say thank you to Gilou9999 for the skin.
"Auto Game Configurations (aka Configuration defaults)" added (see below description).
"Move Selected to the Garbage Folder?" now has a new option.. "Never Move". So "Yes" will ask before moving the selected file to the Garbage folder. "No" will just move the file and "Never Move" won't move the file at all.
New feature "Seconds before playing movie" determines how long the emu will wait before playing a movie. The default is half a second. This will help speed up rom browsing. Especially useful for people streaming stuff (like movies) across the network.
If streaming movies from across the network and the user press on the dpad or a, b, x or y the emulator will abort the transfer. This should help speed up rom browsing and allow the user an "out" especially for the larger movies.
Pressing the back key while viewing a games synopsis will toggle between a fixed font and the skins proportional font.
Fixed an issue with the software filters displaying garbage.
Activated the "Keep user Within ROM Directory Tree?" which I somehow missed.
Fixed up the box/cart art position on a few skins.
Fixed a problem where setting the box/cart orientation was screwed up.
Fixed the bug that screwed up Gilou's skin to begin with (too weird to explain). :P
Hopefully addressed weird issues with "Force Reload D:\\*.ini Settings".
New option to "Keep user Within ROM Directory Tree". You can find it in "General Settings, Page Two". Useful for keeping n00bs from getting lost while selecting games.
Hopefully cleaned up all instances where the current "game select" directory would get trashed.
Transparency control for keypad and keyboard should now function properly.
Tightened up the Synopsis parsing code (sorry RessX :( )
Fixed issue where cycling thru screenshots when non-available would create an infinite loop.

Fixes to the keyboard/keypad including. These affect emu's that use a keyboard/keypad (Winuaex, AdamX, Atarixlbox)
- Keyboard/keypad no longer corrupts portions of the screen when being moved.

- Keyboard/keypad can be moved diagonally in ALL directions now

- Keyboard/keypad transparency now works properly when "Pause game while using Keyboard/Pad" is set to ON.

- Fixed issue with screen blurring when Keyboard/keypad is activated. I'm surprised I did not notice this earlier.

Created a new overlay system. The file "overlay.ini" contains configuration information for each overlay, including the color of the transparent button.
Fixed issue with the "Music Control Menu" where the "Go to next/previous song" options were not working.
Fixed issue where "View playlist" did not show the first two songs.
Fixed issue where "pause" would still display even after changing songs while viewing the playlist in "clear screen" mode.
Add song to playlist now functions correctly.
Added a seperate "Volume Control Menu". It can be accessed by pressing "Y" in the "In Game Options" menu, or from the "Game Configuration" menu. It lets the user set the volume for in game sound, mp3_cdda, cdda, movie and mp3 music player from 0-100.
Fixed issue where games that had more than 48 CRCs in the cheat code database would cause a crash when game is selected while searching for cheat codes.
Rumble codes and cheat codes are now stored in seperate files. ( "rumblelist.inf" and "codelist.inf" respectively). To make it easier to search for "rumble codes" only. Note to cheat code makers: be sure to make your cheat codes and rumble codes seperately now. For those importing rumbles, the rumble does not have to be "activated" in order to work, it just works. Remove it from the list if you no longer wish to use it, or set it to "Rumble Enabled On - Nothing".
Skin can now have a "Startup Movie" on loading menu. Please use with discretion (no long movies)
"Startup Movie" can be displayed full screen or in a window. If fullscreen is used the loading menu will not be displayed.
Transparency for "Startup Movie" can be set as well.
Moved the network initialization code to run before the loading menu. This moves the delay caused by network init to before the display of the loading menu, not after.
Files when selecting within a zip are sorted.
Added a seperate timer for alternating Box/Cart art.
Ability to view synopsis from within game. (press right analog stick down).

Movies! The ability to display movie previews!
- You can set the movie/previews directory in the "Change Default Directories" section.

- The movie name has to be exactly the same as the ROM name. Only one movie per game.

- Display order can be set to. None, Screenshots Only, Movies Only, Screenshots 1st- Then Movies, Movies 1st- Then Screenshots.

- Movies display over screenshots so if you want you can see screenshots when no movie exists.

- Can now stream videos and screenshots from Samba or Relax.

- Sound for movies can be turned on/off

- Box/Cart art can be displayed in seperate window. Box/Cart art is autodetected based on size (only in "old screenshots" directory).

- Transparencies for Box/Cart art (and screenshots) is now supported Check out some of the 3d Box/Cart art floating around!

- Skin author can now designate two locations where Boxart or Cartart will display based on width vs height.

- Old Screenshots are now sorted and displayed in proper order.

- Old Screenshots can be named anything (as long as it has .png extension)

- In Game Options Screen can be sized and positioned now.

New option to "Force Game Screen Size/Position". There are two configurable screensizes. (To deal with multi-core systems like MekaX and XboyAdvance). This will be useful when switching from HDTV to SDTV or vice versa. It will save the user the trouble of resizing the screens for something that is likely temporary.
Numerous changes to menu system see above (current menu configuration layout)
Sprites can now be named for easier manipulation. Directory names must be of the format "0_spritename", "1_spritename", etc. Do not use underscores for the spritename. It is a delimiter.
Added "Select Skin Configuration Used" and "Save Skin Configuration as" to the "Configure SKin" menu in place of the above moved options. This allows multiple skin configurations in one skin allowing the user more "pre-defined" options on how a skin looks. For example the placement of the games list and the preview screens. Gilou's Dynamic skins really take advantage of this, check 'em out!
Sprites now show when sizing the preview screens.
Changed "Seconds before auto-advancing Screenshot" to "Seconds Before Auto-Advancing Artwork".
Changed "offset X" and "offset Y" to "Offset X (left/right)" and "Offset Y (up/down)" in the Sprite Settings menu.
New Option to pause or not pause emulation when keyboard or keypad is up.

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