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Final Burn Legends Xbox

Download Name: Final Burn Legends Xbox  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Handheld & Arcade Emulators

Submitted By: Sean

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What's New
-Whats New In Final Burn Legends v1.23
Six New Dual Launcher Cores

Added new dual launcher cores for Data East, Irem, Konami, Sega, Taito and Xtra this should fix any games by the above companies and some others that were running out of VMM on load or failed to boot while in HD mode, also removed support for the Other core which is no longer required

Toaplan Games Now With Sound

Fire Shark
Teki Paki
Jackie Chan Games

IQ_132 noticed the rom loading for the following games was too high in the driver by reducing them down to the correct values both of these games now work on a normal Xbox where as before only those with an upgraded 128mb console could play them.....

Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Master
Jackie Chan - In Fists Of Fire

Seta 1 And Seta 2 Based Games

Big update to the Seta drivers many sound and Graphical improvements plus these ones can now be considered to be fully working....

Caliber 50
Meta Fox
Thundercade / Twin Formation
Twin Eagle
Sega Improvements

I've reverted a change to the FBL Sega Gfx code done by a previous dev and hooked the correct Sega GFX for this FBL version as these changes plain broke the special Gfx effects in Cotton and were also responsible for all manor of smaller Gfx niggles in the Sega games.

I then removed an IRQ hack from the Sega Y-Board driver replacing it with proper IRQ handling from later FBA this sorts some serious graphical bugs in Power Drift and to a lesser extent some Gfx niggles in the other Sega games running on this hardware.

Fixed the gear shifting in G.P. Rider making the game now 100% playable

Updated YM3438 and RF5C68 soundcores to latest FBA improving the music and Sfx in the following games...

Alien Storm
Clutch Hitter
DD Crew
Desert Breaker
Hammer Away
Laser ghost
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Shadow Dancer
Where's Wally
Added files to the FBL build which store the lightgun calibrations for Laser ghost and Line Of Fire making both these games playable without having to setup the Light Gun calcs beforehand.

New Games Now Supported:
World Rally
Flying Shark / Sky Shark
Twin Cobra
Gulf War 2
Wardner / Pyros
Tatakae Big Fighter / Sky Robo
Lock On
Splatter House
Galaga 88
Shadow Land
Dragon Spirit
World Stadium
Beraboh Man
Marchen Maze
Baraduke 2
World Court
Face Off
Blast Off
Dangerous Seed
Pistol Daimyo no Bouken
Boxy Boy
Tank Force
Dyna Gears
Drift Out '94
Eagle Shot Golf
Change Air Blade
Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission
Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting
Storm Blade
Ultra X Weapons / Ultra Keibitai
Monster Slider
Survival Arts
Fire Trap
Bogey Manor
Agent X / Cloak & Dagger
Oriental Legend Special (Unprotected Version)
Fighting Hawk
Evil Stone
Champion Wrestler
Kuri Kinton
Cuby Bop
Play Girls
Play Girls 2
Karate Champ
Karate Champ Vs
Hyper Sports
Road Fighter
Juno First
Traverse USA / Zippyrace / Motorun USA
Shot Rider
Susume! Mile Smile / Go Go! Mile Smile
Gyakuten!! Puzzle Bancho
Head Panic
Deluxe 4 U
Deluxe 5
Fantasy Land
Galaxy Gunners
Wheels Runner
Super Rider
Twin Brats
Acrobatic Dog Fight
Capcom Bowling
The Next Space
Krazy Bowl
U.S Classic
Shoot Out
Demon Front (PCB Version)
SVG Spectral Vs Generation (PCB Version)
The Gladiator Road Of The Sword (PCB Version)
Happy 6 In 1
Dragon World 2001
Dragon World Pretty Chance
Gang Wars
Sky Adventure
Sky Soldiers
Super Champion Baseball
Time Soldiers
Hang-On Jr
Tetris (Sega System E)

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