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InvaderX XBOX

Download Name: InvaderX XBOX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

|InvaderX version 3.0|
This will be the last release of InvaderX, now named INVADER-X3

Some people are having problems with screen being cut off, this is because your television does not fully support 640x480 resolution. I could have fixed this by lowering the resolution of InvaderX, but i didnt so sorry to those that are effected. I will add option for this mode in all future XBOX games i release.

Features added since Ver 1:

* Sound is now working - Thanks chossy
* Text Output - Thanks Ben3D
* WMA support
* Attack Powerups
* Extra Lives
* Motherships
* Another Enemy Type
* Main Menu
* Accuracy ratings
* Powerups
* Removed music due to file size
* As of version 3 i have also released the source code. Find it included in the archive.
Fixes : Gross looking explosions. XBOX's Z-Buffer work 'slightly' different the the PC DirectX equivalent.

Misc other stuff

I dont have alot of time to develop for the xbox due to real world commitments, however things to look out in next release:

Mail me lubby @ for code talk or whatever

those in #xbox-dev please contact me
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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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