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Aftershock Pool SX XBOX

Download Name: Aftershock Pool SX XBOX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

File Size: 2.01 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 3

Views: 460

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Item description:

THIS GAME HAS NOT GOT ANY AI AT ALL (I removed it, it sucked like a noob adding a single line to source code and calling himself a gangster). Version 2 will be coming out with Networking (and MAYBE AI if my little brain can learn the math required but dont hold your breath.) So it was either release now or delay it a few months while I work on my next project.

Lantus would like it if you thought of this as a Lantus Birthday Release.

Game Types include 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Cut Throat (3 players), Red Vs Blue© and Mini-Golf-Pool©

Minigolf is pretty fun, so even if you think pool is gay as f*** you might wana check it out, I made a custom table builder (which was a f****** pain in the ass btw [theres a reason why you dont see tools like that on consoles]) and infact every table in the game was built in the in-game-editor so it does work pretty good once you learn it/get used to it.

This game ships with no music so youll want to have custom soundtracks...

NOBODY really tested this game out so dont be surprised if theres more bugs than an "XXX" release (not bloody likely)

There are NO CRC/MD5 checks on ANY of the files so feel free to change anything you dont like- My artist is away at a f****** hippy gathering so I had to model everything/steal all the textures == f****** ugly but w/e.

Everything should be self explanitory, green pretty much does everything while playing The other buttons control the music interface just tap yellow and the On-screen music HUD will help you with the rest I guess. (music can only be controlled in game due to buttons being used for other s*** in MENU/EDITOR etc)

Flicker Filter control added for your pleasure. Dont f*** with the physics values unless you are extremely bored

Thank you samples for help with the physics
thanks Xantium for all the shit hes given us
thanks Iriez
hello to
lantus,jsz,kl0wn,crashover,ken0sis,hsdemonz,h3inrich,cheesyman,blak101, hulken the swede, xarann, Odb718, giantnewb, uberjim (even if you are a bitch), me33 the leet haxxor, wishi, and my best friend freakdave.

remember kids - #a-shock on EFNET for ANYTHING homebrew. ( we also teach kindergarten )

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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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