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Ninja Gaiden 2 Save Editor

Download Name: Ninja Gaiden 2 Save Editor  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Dark

Submitted By: Dark

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A Save Editor for Ninja Gaiden 2!

It's in Chinese, but I have worked out what each option does, except for one.

The app has 2 columns of options. I will number each option for these instructions. The left hand side 1-8 from top to bottom, and the right hand side will be 9-15 from top to bottom

1. Yellow Essence
2. ???
3. Incendiary Shuriken
4. Herb Of Spiritual Life
5. Devil Way Mushroom
6. Life Of The Thousand Gods
7. Spirit Of The Devils
8. Muramasa's Omusabi
9. Karma
10. Ninpo Slots
11. Fiends Bane Bow Arrows
12. Grains Of Spiritual Life
13. Life Of The Gods
14. Jewel Of The Demon Seal
15. Talisman Of Rebirth

Set each option to whatever you want. 999 seems to be the max for items, but the game will show up as 255. Save, resign and put back on your HDD or MU.

I did not make this.
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this does not work. it crashes xbox 360 and makes the save file corrupt regardless what the number is that you put in.


Hey I am having a problem using this when I pick my save file .dat it says open failed what am I doing wrong or what do I need too do ?


totally works. Great job translating. Freakin brilliant. Thanx a ton cause I suck at this game and need all the help i can get!


thanks a works great and i'm having a lot of fun with it...

good job buddy!