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WWE13 Texture Tool

Download Name: WWE13 Texture Tool  

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WWE13 Texture Tool v1.5 by Brien L. Johnson AKA brienj, President and Owner of XHP Creations

This file is only allowed to be hosted at unless you give a link back. Posting this readme unedited with the download is sufficient enough. Requests to host elsewhere can be made to brienj @

This program will allow you to connect to your Xbox 360 (xbdm plugin or devkit required) and change the paint tools in WWE13. The current version is made for the Title Update 1 patch. I have not verified if it works without the Title Update or not, sorry, I'm too lazy to bother testing yet.


You MUST have the Xbox 360 Software Development Kit AKA XDK installed on your computer.


v1.5 - Fixed compatibility with the new DLC that was released and made program "smarter" in finding paint tools in memory

v1.4 - Fixed some connection errors (connection always safely closed correctly now)

v1.3 - Reduced executable size, also maybe improved compatibility more

v1.2 - 64bit Windows Support

v1.1 - Improved Compatibility

v1.0 - Initial Release

To Do List:

Verify it works without the Title Update, and also try to support future Title Updates.

Use the code from this project to start on a trainer for the game.


Start the program, start WWE13 on your Xbox 360, and go to the paint tool editor in the game. While in the editor in the game, press the connect button on the program. You will either have the first paint tool logo show up in the program or get an error message. Hopefully you have your Xbox 360 setup properly and don't get an error message.

Once you verify the connection is working, select a slot number in the program that you wish to change (the paint tool slot must already contain a paint tool, the size doesn't matter), then click the Import button and select a properly formatted DDS file ( ARGB | 32 bit unsigned, either 128 x 128 or 256 x 256) from your computer. The program will then transfer the texture to the Xbox's memory and the program will now show the texture in the program. This means the texture transferred successfully. Now you can add more to fill up every slot. When you are done importing textures, just hit the B button on the game, and the game will prompt you to save. Select yes and SAVE the paint tool in the game. If you do not save, the changes will not be permanent. After the paint tool saves, you can re-open it in the paint tool editor in the game and verify that all the thumbnails updated, and the paint tools saved correctly.

The program also supports exporting paint tools from the game. Just click on the Export button when you have the slot of the texture you want selected in the program, and the texture is present in the image viewer of the program.

That's all there is to it. If you have an Xbox 360 that doesn't support peeking or poking the memory from your computer, please don't waste my time telling me it doesn't work for you.
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