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Is fortnite dying?

Yes :(
30.91% (17 votes)
Kinda :/
25.45% (14 votes)
No :)
43.64% (24 votes)

Total Votes: 55

Is fortnite dying?Posted:

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Is fortnite dying? Vote in the poll above and leave your thoughts below.

If you voted yes, let me know why you think it's dying.

What would you like to see Epic add/change?
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Nope I wouldn't say it's dying for a long time it might be getting boring but not dying. I think they just need to release a new map and it will be a great game again
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Nope and will be a long time till it will!
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Nah, a lot of us just burned ourselves out. Once something big happens i'm sure we'll go back, we really need a new map.

I personally only get on for the day the new challenges come out, finish them in one sitting and just get off until next week. None of my friends are playing the game atm so i have no real reason to play.
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People have been saying that it's dying since Season 3 but last month, they registered their biggest month with 78 million players on the game.

No, it's not dying. It won't die for quite a while. It might lose a bit of players when Blackout is released but then people will realize that Blackout is just more Call of Duty garbage and go back to Fortnite.
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I think it will be dead on october 12th because of bo4 but then players will leave bo4 and go back to fortnite then cod adds all the dlc guns and stuff
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Yes it is slowly decreasing, Wouldnt say dying but its for sure going down.
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yes crapnite is dying like pubg csgo dota 2 but at a slower paced nothing is beating minecraft at all so 73m compared to 95m yeah thats not dead but each season crapnite does end up ruining the game even more, imo its a stale and boring game because all people do is build in a fire fight(not a br skill or even good move) and most people like me who prefer the normal style gameplays like pubg roe h1z1(called z1 now i believe) but yeah like i said its slowly dying which the number of new players barely changed at all compared to season 1 and 4
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The problem that Fortnite suffers from is that the game basically has just one map and people are getting bored they want more. Look at PUBG for example the player base on Xbox is really small compared to PC they are working on ways to revive Europe FPP. They are releasing new maps, war events and custom games. Always introducing new content to play with. Blackout, the season pass for call of duty will most likely introduce new content and maybe new maps at some point in the life cycle. It comes down to the player base getting bored with the same content just slightly tweaked. I don't play it much because I don't like the mechanics, such as the sprinting. More or less doesn't exist. Anyways if they bring new maps out the playerbase would be more booming than ever since it would bring back old players who have moved on.
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I would say it's slowing down a little bit but it's not going to die.
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