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Rodent_Modz 6 years old 10 + years in Console buisness!Posted:

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Rodent_Modz wroteComing up in 6 years here and almost reaching 190k to 200k veiws. I can not thank all the members enough for their support of my shop for aslong as I have been here! Shows a lot of respect! Very Thankful of Sean and The Tech Game Staff for the support and bringing back Jtags/Rgh modded consoles.

I started this over 10 + years ago and never thought it would this far.

I will remain selling and doing send ins etc for members of The Tech game! Plenty of consoles still in stock.

Plenty of Leds in stock , controllers power bricks and more. If you ever need anything just let me know

Thank you all here at The Tech Game for being so Supportive #Respect

I posted this a few days ago, just showing the appreciation of my supports and staff support of the my shop and my customers, and other sellers in the market, So many sellers that support each other from THE US TO UK WORLD WIDE, shows what a great team we have here, I can not Thank Sean and Staff enough for the support they give here at THE TECH GAME! and so many members who support the site also My thank list would be So long, it would take me another year to list you all , I will start with those here [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

ever need assistants with jtag/rgh this should help you
Thank and Rep always appreciated

Just for Craig

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So much grats dude, you have achieved a lot over th last few years you been here.

Also grats on the console business

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Congrats on 6 years, Rodent. You did help me quite a bit when I had an RGH and that will always be appreciated, glad to see that business is still doing good.
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*Looks for Shoutout List* Doesn't see it, closes page. sad.

Joking, I've actually been waiting for this post sense my 6 year post! crazy that we've both joined in the same year & month, that you're still going strong and giving back when and where you can, of course don't forget those amazing consoles you're still working hard on ;)

I hope to see you in the future in many of years to come, keep doing you Rodent, you truly are a big part of this community.
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grats on 6 years bro
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One of, if not my very first friend here on TTG. I remember seeing Rodent #1 gifter for, as long as i can remember. And i always said i would push and push to try and catch up or even overtake. And Rodent did indeed start this gifting madness. We said it was a race to 1k. But now i'm seeing it as, who ever does hit it first, the other was a HUGE part of that milestone.
If it wasn't for Rodent and a couple of other users Greg, Elijah & Prodigy. Then i would of quit TTG before i started gifting 2 years ago.
We started having very long chats on IM's convincing me to stay and giving me the boost to build something here. And for that i am truly thankful. I wouldn't be where i am today without you mate. What you do for this community is inspirational, your work is by far the best i've ever seen. It has been an honour to be friends for such a period of time with you. And i hope you stay here, and keep giving back to this community even in gifts or them sick as f**k consoles.

Yours truly, The new #1 gifter

<3 <3 <3
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Congratulations man! Not surprised at all you've been in the console business for 10 years. Keep up the awesome work, I hope to see you around at 7 years!
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Congratulations on 6 years and everything you have done for the site during your time here Rodent.

Hands down one of the most respectable and dedicated members I've had the opportunity to meet here.

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Congrats on some crazy accomplishments my friend.
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Congrats Rodent, you have achieved so many in those 6 years of TTG. You are one of the greatest members on here and (soz other sellers) but one of the best, high standard sellers on site and have been for many years

Good to see you have always stuck around no matter what

Here's to more years and achievements to come! Cheeeeeers
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