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What was your favorite part about 2017?Posted:

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What was your favorite part about 2017?

Mine was finally building my editing/gaming pc

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Dopdot (01-08-2018)
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TheTechGame bought out the Leader boards.

I wish there was something to say about my personal life but last year was shit for me if im being honest.
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Getting to 2018. Im not even kidding lol
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I have to say turning 21 is mine
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Getting my own home And vehicle so I must say it was a good year for me
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My girlfriend and I got our first apartment together on our own

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None. 2017 was so bad for me tbh
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Buying my RGH and starting college.
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I didn't have a favorite part tbh, it was all slow and boring for me.
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Getting my first vehicle
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