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  • V5 Launch
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Probably moving in to my own apartment and upgrading my PC further haha
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  • Ultra Gifter
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Moved out of my parents house, and into a place with girlfriend, then got engaged shortly after. Was a pretty big year in my life.
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  • Summer Giveaway
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sadly nothing. nothing i want to remember.
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  • Christmas!
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Hmm.. The movies I thought were the best part
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Wasn't much good things for me during 2017. So I'd have to say nothing really.
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  • Blind Luck
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new food
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  • Blind Luck
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Got rid of my toxic girlfriend and replaced her with my new beautiful one!
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Honestly nothing good happened in 2017, I guess buying my bike was the only good thing to happen
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Madrid winning the league and ucl
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Moving to 2018 with no regrets or promises
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