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Am I being scammed ?Posted:

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So I was shopping for cars online and saw one I liked. I messaged the seller and we started talking. They told me the car is in another state where they are stationed in a military base. They are willing to ship to car to me and let me test drive it for 7 days. They said they are going to do the transaction through Amazon. Is this legit or what ?

I wouldn't be sending the money first. Also they are selling the car really cheap considering it doesn't have a lot of miles on it, but they said they just want to get rid of it quickly.
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Yes, that's a common Craigslist scam.
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Seems very dodgy.
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SEems like a scam.
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Seems like it is a can be careful
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Amazon... that's a new one lol
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I wouldn't trust it
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i wouldnt take the risk.
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Air him off and go with someone different, don't get scammed my man
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Amazon for a car ah that that sounds really fishy.
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