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Next gen CoD's are garbage. sorryPosted:

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Probably already guessed it but I grew up with old school shooter (golden eye, cod4, etc..). Ever since bo2, call of duty went straight downhill. I'll make an exception for bo3. I feel sorry for the younger kids that will never get to experience what I once did when the originals were the new. Here are only a few things I disagree with in the newer titles

-supply drops
-boosting around
-1000+ camos (not that i dislike them, but fit into supply drops)
-gun varients

Call of duty is not call of duty anymore. One of my favorite pass times is now non-existent
Thank god they remastered cod4 but still it has been tainted with pay to play bullshit. I dont rant, but this is ridiculous.

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  • E3 2017
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I mostly agree. But i liked Ghosts and didnt see the need to hate. But with the introduction of Jet packs and supply drops i cant even imagine what else they could do in the future.
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  • Winter 2017
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Ayyy this dudes gotta point ever since bo2 it's went downhill but MWR was great remake
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  • WIP 5.1
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Yes bruv a lot of people gonna disagree and agree with this but I seen a lot of people hating the game as well
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I agree with you up to the exception for bo3. I think bo3 was quite lame. Being someone who also came up playing games like golden eye, medal of honor, and pre online call of duty's, I don't appreciate the fact that bo3 is online only and has no campaign
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  • E3 2017
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I think i have seen 3 people say they like new gen cods.
Most people agree with you so you aren't going to get hit with hate or nothing.

Tbh when I play cod I notice that I dislike it. It gets frustrating and boring very quickly
I think nostalgia is just a liar and people just think they were better than they were.
But the new cods are just horrible and uninteresting.

Also I will agree that the campaign has just went to shit. MW2 has a truly amazing campaign.
What's happened since then ? nothing.
Think about how good cod4 and waw's campaign was too. The developers of the new cods just don't care as much

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Supply drops are what truly ruined cod imo.
I wouldn't mind a boots on the ground cod one year and a futurist jet pack cod the next year.
So each year it would be different.
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  • Blind Luck
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I liked Ghosts but after that, I completely agree 100%.
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  • E3 2017
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I also grew up on things like Goldeneye, Call of Duty 2, and Medal of Honor. I am fine with Infinite Warfare. I was fine with Black Ops 3. While the campaign was good, I wasn't a fan of Advanced Warfare. It is probably my least favorite Call of Duty next to World at War. I am fine with boost as long as it isn't as much as AW. I don't mind supply drops much, though I do think it should be easier to create the weapons that you can get from the boxes. I got the achievements for MWR, got to about level 30 in multiplayer, and stopped playing it altogether. I just don't think the game aged well. It's not fun by any means. Biggest complaint I have with the newer CoD games are the maps. I just don't care for most of them.
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  • Christmas!
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I honestly agree. I wish I never bought bo3. Not that I'm bad at the game, it's just too easy and I'm tired of the boots off the ground shit. I've reached master prestige and reset at 167 and now have a 2.40 kd and 2.40 w/l. Game is too bad. And IW. Omg. And when they try to bring back the good old' guns from bo2 and mw2 to get more buyers. I can't even anymore. I can't even.
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