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Do You Need Alarm Clock?

68.89% (31 votes)
31.11% (14 votes)

Total Votes: 45

Do You Need an Alarm Clock? What Time Do You Get Up??Posted:

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Some people get themselves up on a mental clock sort of thing.. how about you guys?! And what time do you get up? I wake up around 6:30 for school and to get ready.

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Without my alarm clock my life would suck, I wake up at 4:45am.
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I wake up at 8:30Pm and can go to sleep till 10am, But this week, Im on vacation.I need my alarm!
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I get up quite late sometimes because I'm sooooo tired in a morning even if I have a full nights sleep. Normally 12 ish
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I always try and be asleep by 3 in the morning as my alarm clock is always set for 1 in the afternoon
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I am so used to waking up at 5am that my body wakes itself up around that time. Of course I still set an alarm.
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i usually wake up between1-4 in the afternoon.
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My alarms wakes me up at 06:55am for work.
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I always need an alarm because my hours are always different so I might need to sleep during the day and work during the night lol. Lately I've been at home for a bit so I've woke up at 8 AM every day because I'm lazy. I turned my alarm off after the 4th because I was up really late because people where lighting fireworks all night long and I still woke up around 8.
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I wake up about 5-6 AM, without an alarm clock i would probably sleep till 9 ish
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