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SD vs Raw 2010 - Developmental Graduate - Achievement Guide

Video Title: SD vs Raw 2010 - Developmental Graduate - Achievement Guide  

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When you load up the game you will find yourself in the WWE Training facility. Here you can practise all the moves in the game. While in this mode boxes will pop up with specific instructions and the idea is for you to do all of these that pop up. To see what moves you still requre and what you have done go to TRAINING FACILITY - TRAINING CHECKLIST. Now the majority of moves you will perform normally but the trickier ones are the SIGNATURES and FINISHERS. Each of these will require certain wrestlers to pull off. I have included a list of which wrestlers can perform which moves

Front Brian Kendrick
Back John Morrison
Upper Body (Supine) John Cena
Lower Body (Supine) Chavo Guerrero
Side (Supine) Chris Jericho
Upper Body (Prone) SEE BELOW
Lower Body (Prone) Maryse
Side (Prone) SEE BELOW
Running Brian Kendrick
Opponent Running Umaga
Turnbuckle Front Christian
Turnbuckle Back Tommy Dreamer
Turnbuckle Seated SEE BELOW
Diving vs Ground Opponent Christian
Diving Vs Standing Opponent SEE BELOW

Front Brian Kendrick
Back Carlito
Upper Body (Supine) Shawn Michaels
Lower Body (Supine) Chris Jericho
Side (Supine) Beth Phoenix
Upper Body (Prone) R Truth
Lower Body (Prone) John Cena
Side (Prone) Big Show
Running Carlito
Opponent Running Shad
Turnbuckle Front CM Punk
Turnbuckle Back Brian Kendrick
Turnbuckle Seated Umaga
Diving vs Ground Opponent Chavo Guerrero
Diving Vs Standing Opponent SEE BELOW

Now a few of the moves wont have any wrestlers required to perform them so you will need to go into CREATE A MOVESET and edit a current SUPERSTAR. Now choose a wrestler you dont use often and then assign the required SIGNATURE and FINISHERS to them. You can always reset these to default after.


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