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xZoi Gow 3 Montage Week 2 HD

Video Title: xZoi Gow 3 Montage Week 2 HD  

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Hey guyz here's Week #2 of my gears of war 3 Random Clips/Minitages. Sorry it's taking so long since week #1 it's just i stopped playing gears for awhile, but i've recently started playing again so im gonna try and get more consistent on releasing these.Also the song i used is actually off Final Fantasy so i'm sorry if u dnt like the music i'm just trying to switch between different sorts of music just to keep things different.I'm going to bring these out every so often as i'm going for a Execution only Montage. So the clips i get in any other gamemode will feature in these montages. These montages will not just be like a random clips video wid just a song and clips these will be edited but don't expect anthing great at first as i suck really bad at editing.The clips i put in this will vary every video as i don't like to set standards i use clips that i think suit the way i play.Artist: Sunyo [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle Theme


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