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Video Title: Black Ops RAP (WITH LYRICS)  

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Video Description:

Here it is!
Our all new "Call of Duty: Black Ops RAP"!
If you play Black Ops, then you should love this RAP

Here's the link to download the Black Ops Wallpaper:
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-Noluckbroz AKA PuRE Discomfort
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-Gregbulgeman AKA Bo biz
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(Bo biz RAPPING)

Yeah were Back!
Bo biz & PuRE Discomfort
We're here to bust out our new Black Ops RAP
Yeh...Check it!

I throw grenades really fuckin FAR
I'll blow yo ass up with ma R.C. Car
I got the AUG wit the ACOG callin' in the DOGS
I make fools DROP like Chopped-Down LOGS
I shoot loud gunshots with the SNIPER
Faggots shit their pants n need a DIAPER
Yall are ass-wipers kiss my ASS
I throw a FRAG n suckas shatter like GLASS
Your ASS is GRASS when i throw the Nova GAS
Your all fuckin SLOW n I shoot you wit a CROSSBOW
Listen (Whore) HOE I'm going RAMBO
Got the rapid fire faster than a LAMBO
Your gun isn't accurate bitch get a GRIP
I shank yo ass and your pants RIP
Your like a man without balls, you aint doin SHIT
I get more booty than a Pirate SHIP BITCH!


(PuRE Discomfort RAPPING)

Listen up DOG this is mothafuckin COD
I'll blow yo ass up like the Italian MOB
I get more on this match than you'll get on your JOB
and you can thank for my DOGS cuz yo team just fuckin LOST
I'm just startin a GAME on Firing RANGE
and my skill is so DANK it make yo ass look LAME
I get a tripple kill wit ma fuckin M60
Yo team's behind the WALL why don't YALL' come ne get ME
Just make sure that your READY cuz my sights are fuckin STEADY
I plant fuckin claymores i don't plant Bouncin' BETTIES
10 kills in a ROW and I get a GUNSHIP
You better not SHOW or ima BLOW-up yo SHIT
Yeah BITCH, I talk real when I SPIT
I'm in yo PLAYLIST about to blow yo ass to SHIT!
Alright BITCH we're playin STICKS n STONES
I knifed you in the DOME and now yo ass is runnin' HOME

(Bo biz RAPPING)

You think your all cool with your FLACK-JACKET
I see your face and i come n SMACK IT
You say you got skills, but you got NONE
I shoot you wit the Double-Barrel SHOTGUN
I feel like an onion cuz i make noobs CRY
They all sad cuz my score's so HIGH
I got the SEMTEX it's bangin' like SEX
and I'm stompin down the map like a fuckin T-REX
Bo biz on this mothafuckin tight-ass MIC
Yeah I'm using mothafuckin cuss WORDS
I don't give a flyin' shit ya HEARD!
Using the sam-turret shoot down yo BLACK BIRD
The damn thing drops down like a TURD
I screw up these (WHORES) HOES like a D-WALT
Your SCORE's small like SALT



(PuRE Discomfort RAPPING)

Don't hate ma RANK cuz yo ass got SHANKED
I won this wager match so I got money in the fuckin BANK
You trying to POP ME, but you can't fuckin STOP ME
I'm here with your MOMMY and she's gettin' pretty SLOPPY
Shes calls me her PAPPi cuz I'm way at the TOP
32-0 and it's never gonna STOP
I'm rollin all hard like L.A.P.D. SWAT
Yo ass gets POPPED when you slippin' on the fuckin BLOCK
I burn yo ass up like JUICY STEAK
but that's unfortunate cuz now yo ass is gonna BREAK
I Nail you to the ground like fuckin TENT STAKES
and i get more RC cars than "MERCEDES BENZ" MAKES
The whole map is SHAKIN' so you know when I'm RAPIN
and when i see you, yo ass is gonna be BACON
So just stop all that HATIN cuz I'm comin for YOU
and I'll stomp yo ass out like GEW on my SHOE

(Bo biz RAPPING)

Yeah bitch, pop you like a PILL
Flyin' the gunship gettin' MULTI-KILLS
Fuckin campers!
I know where they WENT
they're all hidin' inside of a TENT
They think they're the shit in their hiding PLACE
but my big fat boot is goin up their ACE
My dogs are comin' to take a BIG, FAT, SMELLY ASS, shit on their FACE
Holy shit I'm sick of CAMPERS!
They fight like babies wearin' PAMPERS
Yepp i just took your CARE-PACKAGE
In the eyes of my dogs you SNACKAGE!
Click-Clack-BOOM I'm on a RAMPAGE
The only way I'll die is from old AGE
I'm like a virus that never STOPS
killin' these fools on BLACK OPS!


Lyrics Typed BY: PuRE Discomfort
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All credits go to BO biz for making this RAP!
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'and my skill is so DANK it make yo ass look LAME' dudes got bars man


Lmao domt know what to say


I love how this video rating is only 2.69. This video is hardcore COD style rap.


This was a lot worse than I expected. Some of the stuff doesn't even rhyme.


It was not worth it. Just saying.


I dont know if I should listen to this. It better be worth it.


Dafuq did I just listen to? Haha