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High on Life | Epic Legendary Prize

Tutorial Name: High on Life | Epic Legendary Prize  

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Epic Legendary Prize Achievement Guide

This is an unmissable achievement worth 40G. All you need to do is watch the annoying robot advertisement in your home. The catch is, the advertisement takes over eight minutes. You will listen to a robot countdown from 85 to zero. The advertisement is quite rare, but it should appear naturally as you are playing the game. Just make sure to keep an eye out for it! If you wish to unlock it immediately, you can warp back and forth between the Human Haven and home. This will reset the advert that is being shown on your TV. Once you see the advertisement on your TV, stay in the room until it has finished. You can turn around or go AFK, but do not leave the room. The achievement will pop as soon as the advert changes.

I recorded the beginning of the advert so that you can recognise which advert you are searching for.

    There are reports that doing this with Gus makes the advertisement more likely to show.
    If you are having no luck with warping, try quitting and reloading the game.
    There are reports that finishing the secret ending increases the likelihood.


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