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Red Dead Online Achievements Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: Red Dead Online Achievements Walkthrough  

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Red Dead Online All Achievements
This tutorial serves as a walkthrough for getting all of the Red Dead Online Achievements, from the very beginning of character creation.

Red Dead Online: You completed the Intro.
This achievement speaks for itself. Once you've launched into online, you will be assigned simple tasks. You will eventually be given a mission which requires you to steal a horse. Head to the marked location and ambush the enemies in the area - or try to stealth attack them. Steal one of the horses from the stables and deliver to the next marked location.

You will now be asked to meet Crooks, who will be looking after your camp. When you arrive at your camp you need to speak to Crooks who will explain his role. After this cut-scene you will unlock Breakout.

Picked to Perfection
Red Dead Online: You picked 25 Herbs.
When you reach free roam head over to the nearest open field to you - there should be some herbs there. If not, you can always head to the nearest river or sea-front near Saint-Denis, where there are lots of herbs. Pick 25 herbs and you will unlock Picked to Perfection.

Gun For Hire
Red Dead Online: You played 10 Free Roam missions.
Now head into the map, and find a 'Stranger' mission. These are people who will give you free-roam missions. Head over to them and complete any variety of these missions and you will unlock Gun For Hire

Red Dead Online: You sold 20 items to the Butcher.
Head into the wilderness and hunt for any animals, collect their meat/pelt/horns by skinning them. Spend some time doing this as you need to collect 20 items.

Once you've collected 20 items from animals, head over to the butcher (Cleaver icon on the map). And sell these 20 items. This will unlock Butchered.

Series Major
Red Dead Online: You took part in a Series.
Look at your map and look for a Showdown series icon. Head over to this icon and search for a game. Take part in this game and complete it - it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Once you've completed this game you will unlock Series Major.

Posse Up
Red Dead Online: You formed a Persistent Posse.
Invite a friend to help you with this one - or a trusted stranger who won't shoot your face off. Hold back to open interaction menu and scroll down to posse. You will have an option to form a temporary or permanent posse - which is fairly costly, but completing free roam missions can help you with money, as well as competitive game sessions. Pay to set up a persistent posse and you will unlock Posse Up.

Strength in Numbers
Red Dead Online: You completed a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members.
Invite a friend to your posse, and head over to a free roam mission. Complete this mission together and you will unlock Strength in Numbers.

All's Fair
Red Dead Online: You successfully countered a rival Posse's Free Roam mission.
Other posse's may also be trying to complete free-roam missions, you will notice when they're doing this as the game gives notifications when someone is attempting to steal something (Wagon, Money etc.). Whenever you see this notice, head over to that player by selecting their name on the map, and attack them. You don't just have to kill them, you need to make sure they can't complete the mission and you will unlock All's Fair.

Red Dead Online: You played 5 Free Roam Events.
Throughout your time in free-roam, you may see a notification with purple text which says about a free-roam event. Choose to join and complete 5 of these events and you will unlock Eventful.

Buckle Up
Red Dead Online: You achieved 5 gold belt buckles from awards.
From here press start and head down to 'progress'. Go to 'Awards' and have a look at the progress toward gold buckles for the tasks available. If you're close to completing one, then work toward whatever that objective is. There are a few easy buckles to unlock, mostly under 'travel' tasks. There are also tasks to sell items to the butcher or fence - which you may have done already. After unlocking 5 gold belt buckles you will unlock Buckle Up.

The Real Deal
Red Dead Online: You achieved MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).
Press start and head down to 'online' and go to race series. I found that races are the easiest way to get top of the leaderboard. Most players are so distracted by holding up others that they forget to win the race! Keep an eye out for weapon drops and kill whoever is around you - provided it won't affect your position in the race. If you're in a game with 4 or more players and once you win 3 races you will unlock The Real Deal.

Home Comforts
Red Dead Online: You purchased 5 camp improvements.
Head back to camp and speak with Crooks, and select camp improvements. From here buy 5 different flag colours, each one cost's $50. So once you spend $250 on 5 different flags you will unlock Home Comforts.

Master Craftsman
Red Dead Online: You crafted 20 items (excluding ammo).
Now you have to stay in 1 session, as your progress for this achievement doesn't carry over between sessions. After you collect pelts, meat, feathers, flowers or herbs head over to your campfire and craft any 20 items (Not ammo). Once you craft all 20 items you will unlock Master Craftsman.

Red Dead Online: You crafted 25 pieces of ammunition.
For the next achievement, you need to be rank 22. Once you hit this rank and have about $400 dollars, head over to the nearest fence and purchase a small game arrows pamphlet. Now look at your inventory and read the pamphlet - this gives you the ability to craft small game arrows.

You need to craft 25 small game arrows, for this you need; 25 Flight feathers - these are obtained by plucking birds. You also need 25 arrows, which you can purchase from any gunsmith.

Now head over to your campfire and craft 25 small game arrows, using the previously mentioned ingredients, and you will unlock Non-Regulation.

Getting Started
Red Dead Online: You reached Rank 10.

Horses for Courses
Red Dead Online: You concurrently owned 5 horses.
The following achievement requires $1700 dollars. Once you have $1700, head over to the nearest stable and purchase all 4 stable slots for $1500. Now purchase 4 Kentucky Saddlers for $200 - once you've named all the horses you will unlock Horses for Courses.

Red Dead Online: You reached Rank 50.
There is a lot of different ways to level up within Red Dead Online, but once you hit max level, you will have all the achievements within Red Dead Online. I would recommend Races/Showdowns or the Collector Role. For each Full Collection you sell, you will get 1550XP. Buy a Metal Detector when you have $700 as it helps find Coins/Jewelry and Buried Arrowheads. Each set will net you between $200-$600.


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This is awesome. I haven't finished out red dead nor played it in a while but this puts me on the path to keep grinding!!


Thank you for this. Gotta go grind but ill be able to 100% the game :)