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Destiny 2: How To Farm XP Fast

Tutorial Name: Destiny 2: How To Farm XP Fast  

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Experience points are part of virtually every video game that has been released in the last console generation. Completing activities, killing enemies, or just playing the game can grant points towards earning new skills or cosmetics.

Destiny 2 uses experience points to unlock features in the Season Pass, seasonal Artifact, and grant Bright Engrams, which provide vanity items. With a large portion of Destiny's content locked behind these systems, it's important to earn XP as fast as possible. This guide will cover everything from experience-boosting sources to the best farming strategies. Here is a complete guide to earning XP quickly in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Every Way Of Earning Experience
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Nearly everything you do in Destiny 2 will provide experience points. Here is every method of earning XP:

Killing enemies
Completing bounties
Completing weekly milestones on the Director
Finishing missions or core activities

As you can see, nearly everything tied to Destiny 2's gameplay loop grants some form of experience points. The best experience earnings come from weekly bounties and milestones, followed by daily and repeatable bounties.

Ways To Increase Your XP Gains
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Before you decide to grind out activities to earn XP, note that there are quite a few methods for increasing your experience gains.

Equip Experience Ghost Mods
Play after the weekly reset to earn the Well-Rested buff
Purchase the current Season Pass
Join fireteams that own the current Season

Ghost Shell Mods

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Ghost Shells have a dedicated Mod slot for enhancing your XP gains. There are six different Ghost Shell Mods in this category as of the Beyond Light expansion:

Flickering Light (One energy): Increase XP gains by 2%.
Little Light (Two energy): Increase XP gains by 3%.
Hopeful Light (Three energy): Increase XP gains by 5%.
Burning Light (Four energy): Increase XP gains by 8%.
Guiding Light (Five energy): Increase XP gains by 10%.
Blinding Light (Six energy, fragile): Increase XP gains by 12%.

Blinding Light is the best of the bunch but will be sunset at the end of Season 15. These Mods enhance the XP gains from every source, including missions and bounties. Make sure to equip one of these Mods before turning in a large sum of bounties.


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Every Tuesday at 12 PM PST, Destiny 2 will receive its weekly reset. Weekly challenges, bounties, and the Eververse store will all be refreshed. More importantly, your account will gain a buff called Well-Rested, which will increase all XP gains by 100% until you gain five levels that week.

Well-Rested stacks with other XP boons such as Blinding Light and the Season Pass upgrades. As long as you play Destiny 2 at least once per week, you can easily gain five Season Pass levels.

Season Pass Experience Boost

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Purchasing the current Season Pass will immediately grant a 20% experience boost to your account for the rest of the current season. Ranking up the Season Pass will periodically increase the strength of this buff.

The following ranks in the premium Season Pass track increase your XP gains:

Rank 1: 20% increase XP gains.
Rank 7: 2% increased XP gains.
Rank 16: 2% increased XP gains.
Rank 36: 2% increased XP Gains.
Rank 46: 2% increased XP Gains.
Rank 66: 2% increased XP Gains.
Rank 76: 2% increased XP Gains.

When you reach rank 76, you will be receiving 32% increased XP from all sources for the rest of that Season. As with the Ghost Shell Mods, this buff stacks with other sources of XP boosts.

Shared Wisdom
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While you're in a fireteam with another player who owns the current Season Pass, they will grant increased experience gains to the whole fireteam. The higher their rank, the stronger the buff is. To check if the buff is active, browse the buffs section of your inventory and look for a boon named Shared Wisdom. If it's there, you are receiving increased XP gains from a fellow fireteam member.

The following ranks buff the Shared Wisdom buff:

Rank 5: Increases fireteam members' XP gains by 2%.
Rank 26: Increases fireteam members' XP gains by 2%.
Rank 56: Increases fireteam members' XP gains by 2%.
Rank 86: Increases fireteam members' XP gains by 2%.

Reaching rank 86 will grant all fireteam members an 8% increased experience gain buff. Once again, Shared Wisdom stacks with other sources of increased XP gains.

The Best Means Of Farming XP

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Every weekly bounty, excluding the Spider's Wanted Bounties, provide 12,000 base XP when completed. Daily bounties typically provide 6,000 XP when turned in. Repeatable bounties grant 4,000 XP. Weekly challenges grant around 12,000 XP as well.

With this knowledge, it is clear that the best means of farming XP is to complete as many weekly challenges and bounties as possible. This is arguably the best method for earning XP and Glimmer:

Use the Well-Rested buff, Season Pass XP boons, the Shared Wisdom buff from another Fireteam member, and the Blinding Light Ghost Shell Mod simultaneously. This will increase all XP gains by 152% for the first five levels before dropping to 52%.

Grab every weekly bounty from the Tower. This includes strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and Gunsmith bounties.

Grab as many daily bounties as possible from the same vendors.

Grab repeatable bounties until your inventory is full.

Complete the weekly challenges for strikes, Quickplay Crucible, and Gambit--attempting to complete every bounty as you do this.

Join a fireteam member that's rank 86 or higher in the Season Pass.

Turn in every bounty.

Talk to the vendors in the Tower for additional milestone XP.

This will easily grant five levels in the Season Pass, even if you didn't complete every daily and repeatable bounty.

Now that the Well-Rested buff is used up, the best way to farm XP is to complete repeatable bounties at your favorite destination. Both Europa and the Moon are the best locations due to their large, enemy-rich Lost Sectors. Buy five repeatable bounties, complete all of them in one Lost Sector run, then return to the vendor to repeat the process. It is certainly repetitive and rather dull, but it's an excellent source of XP for players desperate to reach rank 100 in their Season Pass or increase their Artifact Power Level.


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