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Watch Dogs: Legion Tech Points Guide

Tutorial Name: Watch Dogs: Legion Tech Points Guide  

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There are a number of upgradable gadgets, weapons and tech available in Watch Dogs: Legion, but you'll need to gather Tech Points if you want to improve them.

Tech Points can be earned in two ways: by completing missions of all types or hunting them down. You'll be able to identify Tech Points by the little turquoise diamond symbol on your map and there's usually at least one to find in each Mission area you visit.

You can also find Tech Points in random locations, such as in vents, on the roof of several tall buildings and sometimes lying out in the open, but they're often hidden and in awkward places, so here are our tips for acquiring them.

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Watch Dogs: Legion - Where to find Tech Points
When you enter a Restricted Area, whether you're on a mission or not, you'll likely be able to find Tech Points. As you travel around London and discover more areas, more Tech Points will be revealed, but to see all the Tech Points in an area, you'll need to complete an area's Borough Uprising Mission.

Even though you can see the location of every Tech Point in the Borough, it doesn't make getting them any easier. Tech Points glow green on your scanner and you'll often see they are buried beneath rocks or seemingly hidden in the ceiling, so you'll need to get a bit creative in your endeavour to find them.

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Your best mate on your Tech Points hunt is the Spiderbot. It can crawl through vents, scurry through rubble and unlock doors, and can even pick up the Tech Point for you if it's truly out of human reach. For other Tech Points, you'll need to hack a Cargo Drone or a window washer's lift to reach the top of a building to collect it yourself.

Some missions will reward you with Tech Points, so if you can't be bothered taking time out of a complicated mission to find an extra one, you can just plod along and gather them slowly.

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Watch Dogs: Legion - How to use Tech Points
To upgrade your kit, head to the Tech tab. Most items can be upgraded three times, whereas others are unlocked once and that's you. You'll need around 15 Tech Points to unlock a gadget, then between 25 and 45 Tech Points at a time to fully upgrade it, so keep collecting as you go. To upgrade a bit of tech, select it and hold down the prompt to unlock it or upgrade it to the next level.

It would be a good call to upgrade your Spiderbot - from the Infiltrator to the Combat model - unlock the Deep Profiler and some of the weapon tech early on, especially the silencer for the DedSec pistol.

The Electro-Fist is also really useful if you love a good takedown and punch to the back of the head. Of course, you could always go down the Drone hacking route so you can combat enemy turrets and Counter-Terrorism Drone early on, as they become a real bastard to fight later in the game.


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