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Red Dead Redemption 2: The Artist\'s Way Stranger Mission

Tutorial Name: Red Dead Redemption 2: The Artist\'s Way Stranger Mission  

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This Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission takes place in Saint Denis and this time, you\'re helping a risque artist escape the city.

To get started, head to the bar in the East of Saint Denis, just above where the I in Denis is on the map. You\'ll find a Frenchman, Charles, who\'ll ask you to buy him a drink, to which Arthur agrees. There\'s a bit of banter with him about being a prize asshole and that you shouldn\'t believe in art.

After your chat, he\'ll give you a drawing of a woman and you part ways. Hang around the area for a while and Charles will eventually leave the bar and head home.

You\'ll hear a bit of a commotion and you can run to the marker to find a man pulling Charles from a house at gunpoint. Intervene to save him from being shot and he\'ll invite you to his art exhibition to say thanks.

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Help Charles escape Saint Denis
A marker will appear after a time showing you where to go - you\'re still in central Saint Denis, so don\'t worry about travelling far. Once you enter the gallery, you\'ll hear a couple quarrelling about how progressive Charles\' art is and how much time the wife is spending with him. You can see where this is going.

You can also find a Cigarette Card sitting on the side table in the first room you enter. Look around the gallery and amongst the busts, you\'ll spot a painting that looks exactly like you, too. Eventually, you\'ll reach a room filled with nude paintings of local men and women, which the viewers aren\'t very pleased about it.

A fight will ensue, so go ahead and join in the scuffle. Afterwards, follow Charles to a house that likely belongs to a mistress.

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Wait for a new marker to appear then meet up with Charles, who is dressed as a woman. Once you reach the tram, you\'ll need to stay hidden behind it so a group of men who are after Charles won\'t find you. He shat on their bar, so you\'d be wise to do a little run to keep up with the tram.

Keep following him to reach the Docks where a group fo men will try and attack you. Take care of them and send Charles safely on his way. Eventually, you will receive a reward letter stating that Charles has sold on his works to New York, so his drawing could be worth a few bob.

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