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Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest challenge guide

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest challenge guide  

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The Bloody Harvest event is back again and there's a host of spooky challenges for you to complete.

Borderlands 3's Halloween event, Bloody Harvest, is back for another year and will run until November 5. During the next month or so, you'll have a bunch of Bloody Harvest challenges to complete that will net you some sweet new loot.

You'll be able to find the Bloody Harvest vendor, Maurice, in Sanctuary, as well as the portal to Heck. You can trade Maurice your hard-earned cash for new weapons and gear, too, so speak with him to get started.

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Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest challenges
There are 15 Bloody Harvest challenges to work your way through until November 5. You'll receive a mixture of weapons, cosmetics and currency for completing them alongside the other Bloody Harvest loot you'll acquire during the event.

To get started, you'll need to complete the Descent into Heck quest by finding and killing 25 ghosts. After that, you'll need to defeat Captain Haunt. He's a spooky skeleton version of Captain Traunt, and you'll need to farm him for one of these challenges.

An Eye for Quality Hecktoplasm - Kill 20 Loot Ghosts
Chaotic Good Cleric - Kill 500 Ghosts in Mayhem Mode
Charon's Toll - Collect 50 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot
Easy as Pumpkin Pie - Solve the Pumpkin Puzzle
El Compen Fantasmal - Kill Haunted El Dragon Jr
Exorcist - Kill 150 Haunted Badasses
Friends Don't Die - Kill a Haunted Demoskaggon
Heckraiser - Loot a Bloody Harvest Legendary
I am Rakkman! - Kill the Haunted Rakkman
Lawful Good Cleric - Kill 250 Ghosts
My Boss has been Ghosting me all week - Kill Captain Haunt 25 times
Nate's Hostile - Kill Haunted Borman Nates
Pumpkin Spiced - Equip 3 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot at the same time
Reap What You Sow, Bro - Kill Captain Haunt with a Bloody Harvest gun
Snowball's Chance in Heck - Kill 100 Haunted enemies with Cryo Damage in the Heck Hole


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