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Homefront - Welcome To Freedom Trophy

Tutorial Name: Homefront - Welcome To Freedom Trophy  

Category: PlayStation 3 Tutorials

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Credits To GMoney2kIX For The Vid

At the beginning of chapter 2 you'll be inside a small peaceful place.
You can't run in this peaceful place, that's how peaceful it is.

Anyway, what you need to do here is talk to everyone in the area.

There is a total of 8 people you can talk to:

1- Andrew: Right after you exit the green house and go down the stairs, on the left there will be a guy behind a table working with some car batteries. Talk to him.
2- Sally: Right after Andrew you'll enter a house and you'll find a woman cooking right in front of you as soon as you enter the house. Talk to her.
3- Janice: In front of Sally you will find a woman on a couch with a baby. Talk to her.
4- Zach: As soon as you leave that house you'll find a guy working with some... fuels. Talk to him.
5- Carlos: After Zach continue walking and you'll find a guy cooking right in front of you in the path. Talk to him.
6- Ana: On Carlos left you'll find a woman gardening. Talk to her.
7- Adedayo: Right next to Ana's gardens you'll find a guy working out. Talk to him.
8- Sid: Go back to Carlos, turn around. You'll find an old guy next to the tree on the left milking a goat. Talk to him.

After talking to everyone you'll unlock the trophy.


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