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COD Black Ops 4: My Home is in the Arena Guide

Tutorial Name: COD Black Ops 4: My Home is in the Arena Guide  

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COD Black Ops 4: My Home is in the Arena Guide

COD Black Ops 4 - My Home is in the Arena Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - In IX, survive to Round 20 without opening a gate [Bronze]

In IX, you are not allowed to open any doors at all. You have to stay in the starting area (the arena). The tricky part is that you only have 2 very weak weapons in the starting zone. The good news is that it's a large open area and you can run in circles. Don't play with bots for this as they would open the doors and thus void the trophy. Either do it solo or with a group of friends who know not to touch the doors. This one is the hardest of the "survive to round 20" trophies.

Do note that you can put the difficulty to "casual" (=easy) for this. You change the difficulty where you select the zombie maps in classic mode (not available in custom match).

Also make good use of your Specialist weapon (keep it for higher rounds against minibosses).


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