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Spyro 2: Long Distance Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 2: Long Distance Guide  

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Spyro 2: Long Distance Guide

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (Remaster) - Long Distance Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Complete the long glide to Orb in Autumn Plains [Bronze]

This takes place in Autumn Plains and is arguably one of the most satisfying glides in all of the trilogy. For this trophy you need to complete a very long glide to the island you see in the distance in Autumn Plains. To do this you need to reach the highest tower of the castle. First of all, acquire the Climbing skill from Moneybags for 500 gems and make your way to the gate where Professor is. Make sure to have collected at least 8 orbs to access this new area of the castle. Continue on and towards the end, before reaching the entrance to Gulp's Overlook, you'll see a set of stairs. Look to your left and you'll notice a cracked wall. Charge through it to uncover a new area. Use the following whirlwinds to gain altitude and reach the tower. Once you've reached the tower, collect everything on top and prepare for the glide by jumping and pressing X again at the top of your jump. Spyro will perform a sensational glide. As you glide, use the camera to take the world in. Once you land on the island, the trophy will unlock and you'll be able to collect an orb, which unlocks the trophy. There's a 2nd hidden orb on the castle walls. After the trophy pops you can glide over to the wall and find another cracked wall at the end, charge through it, and find the 2nd orb of this level behind it for 100% completion.


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