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Spyro: Launch Date Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro: Launch Date Guide  

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Spyro: Launch Date Guide

Spyro 1: The Dragon (Remaster) - Launch Date Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Jump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops [Gold]

In Tree Tops (a level of the Beast Makers world) are 4 Supercharge ramps. You'll need to jump off from all of them in order to unlock the trophy. To do this, hold Square to charge up speed. Press X to jump off the ramp but keep holding Square to charge through the air really fast (don't glide).

The ramps are:

1. From the level start, go inside the building and jump through the second window on the left to find a hidden side path. Follow the path to the end until you come to a flying island with a trapped dragon on it. By the dragon is the first charge ramp.

2. From the first charge ramp, you will automatically land in front of
the second one, there's no way around it.

3. When jumping off the second ramp, take a sharp right turn to jump on the third ramp.

4. The fourth ramp is unmissable after the third ramp (after going through a tree, the ramp points at the level end).


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