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Spyro: Arachnophobe Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro: Arachnophobe Guide  

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Spyro: Arachnophobe Guide

Spyro 1: The Dragon (Remaster) - Arachnophobe Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Defeat all Metalback Spiders [Bronze]

This takes place in the level High Caves from Magic Crafters. Towards the end of the level you'll reach a big area sporting a Supercharge ramp. At the beginning of the level you'll probably have explored the caves. Inside each cave are Metalback spiders, huge armored spiders that are impervious to your normal charging and flaming attacks. They can be eliminated only by either supercharging through or flaming them after being kissed by a fairy. The best strategy to achieve this trophy is to use the Supercharge for the first two or three spiders in the lower area of the caves and then use the Superflame power-up to get rid of those in the higher area of the caves (climb some steps to get there). Remember to get rid of the Green Druids that are making some of the cave entrances smaller and bigger every time they use their magic. This is important to use the Superflame power-up. Rinse and repeat for each left Metalback spider and once you've killed them all the trophy will unlock.


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