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Spyro 3: Butterfly Hunter Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 3: Butterfly Hunter Guide  

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Spyro 3: Butterfly Hunter Guide

Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon (Remaster) - Butterfly Hunter Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Desert Ruins: Find both butterfly jars [Bronze]

This takes place in Desert Ruins, a level from Midnight Mountain.

Butterfly Jar 1: After jumping across the pressure pads in the pool of green goo (after reaching a checkpoint with a Fairy), climb the wall on the left side of the area. At the end of this section, after the Firebreather, the butterfly jar is waiting for you. This is just before entering the room where you must pay Moneybags 800 gems.

Butterfly Jar 2: After paying Moneybags for the required amount of 800 gems (not necessary if you already chased him), you can enter the temple. You can see the butterfly jar sitting on a ledge above three scorpions. To get it, make your way through the level and climb up the stairs that are getting intermittently flamed by a Firebreather. Then get rid of the Giant Scorpion and proceed straight on. Turn your camera to the left and you'll see the butterfly jar. Simply glide towards it.


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