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Spyro 3: Head in the Clouds Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 3: Head in the Clouds Guide  

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Spyro 3: Head in the Clouds Guide

Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon (Remaster) - Head in the Clouds Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Cloud Spires: Glide for 5+ seconds (and land safely!) [Bronze]

There are two easy spots to get this trophy in the Cloud Spires level.

The first is when you enter the first whirlwind that lifts Spyro up (close to level start). After stepping in the whirlwind either glide in a circle or glide back to the starting area. Either way you get 5 seconds air time.

The second option would be at the end of the very end of the level. Once you've reached the end of the level and collected your egg, you'll unlock a new whirlwind in an area you have previously visited. Taking this whirlwind will lead you to a new set of platforms with some mouths intermittently breathing fire. This is the highest point of the level. Look around you for a very low point in the level. Initiate your glide and make sure you slightly swerve left and right to get to 5+ seconds. You should unlock the trophy once you land.


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