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Far Cry New Dawn: Anger Management Guide

Tutorial Name: Far Cry New Dawn: Anger Management Guide  

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Far Cry New Dawn: Anger Management Guide

Far Cry New Dawn - Anger Management Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Eliminate 10 enemies within a single activation of Wrath. [Bronze]

First you must buy the perks "Wrath", "Eden's Touch". They become available during an Act 2 story mission so some story progress is required. Wrath lets you deal a lot of melee damage to enemies while Eden's Touch is crucial to refill your Wrath gauge when performing takedowns. Normally, Wrath only lasts for a few seconds. The trick is to perform only takedowns with RIGHT STICK so that the Eden's Touch perk refills the Wrath and it lasts much longer. Also get the perk "Master Takedowns" so you can take down Enforcers.

The best location for it is the Outpost "Signal Point" (Rank 3). It's the smallest Outpost in the game with enemies very close together. Make sure the Outpost is at Rank 3 to make enough enemies spawn in it! Simply perform takedowns on every enemy in the camp. Let them spot you so they all get alerted and come running to you. No need to be stealthy, just sprint in and take out an enemy and let the others see it. Sprint from one enemy to the next and always tap RIGHT STICK. Sometimes it lets you do a takedown instantly. If the takedown prompt doesn't come up during the sprint, walk around them in a circle while you keep hitting RIGHT STICK at all times. When you are behind their back you can do a takedown with RIGHT STICK which refills the Wrath gauge. Basically, you'll want to get up in their face and hit RIGHT STICK while using the left stick to walk around them in a tight circle (while you keep punching the enemy) and when you're behind their back it lets you do the takedown. Do this to all enemies.

Also try to do chain takedowns. This lets you instant takedown a nearby enemy. A button prompt will be displayed to perform the chain takedown, when available (pushing left stick in direction of the nearest enemy). With this method I was able to finish 10 kills with 25% of the Wrath Gauge still remaining. Keep in mind to only tap :r3: and not hold it for too long as holding it will deactivate Wrath. If you have any trouble refer to the path in the video guide. It's worth noting that your starting position is randomized when scavenging (resetting) the outpost and fast-traveling to it, but it shouldn't matter too much. Just make your first takedown on a group of enemies that is close together and the others will come to you.


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