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Far Cry New Dawn: Pure Ninja Guide

Tutorial Name: Far Cry New Dawn: Pure Ninja Guide  

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Far Cry New Dawn: Pure Ninja Guide

Far Cry New Dawn - Pure Ninja Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Liberate a Rank III Outpost while staying undetected. [Silver]

In order to make an Outpost Rank III you'll have to scavenge (reset) it twice. Then the enemies will be of the purple grade and two enforcers (yellow grade) will also be there. It's highly recommended you first get legendary weapons by fully upgrading the weapons workbench at Prosperity. The "Master Takedowns" perk also helps as it lets you stealth-takedown enforcers. The best weapon for this is the legendary "Blood Dragon Recurve Bow". Arrows instant-kill all purple enemies. Keep in mind that Sniper Rifles don't always instant-kill enemies, it might cause them to bleed out for 30 seconds which alerts all other enemies. Using the bow is the safest option.

The best place for it is the Outpost "Signal Point". It's the smallest Outpost in the game with lots of buildings (gives you cover) and the enemies are very close together. It's easy to stealth kill everyone in quick succession here. For Enforcers use melee takedown as the bow would require two hits. This video shows the best route.


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