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Far Cry New Dawn: Fly, You Fools! Guide

Tutorial Name: Far Cry New Dawn: Fly, You Fools! Guide  

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Far Cry New Dawn: Fly, You Fools! Guide

Far Cry New Dawn - Fly, You Fools! Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - No wings means less drag, right? Take a short flight in the wingless plane. [Bronze]

To unlock the Wingless Plane you must recruit Nick Rye, one of the story-related Specialists (unmissable). You can recruit him as early as Act 1 but will have to do so during Act 2 at the latest, when the story forces you to get all Specialists.

You can then spawn the Wingless plane at the Boat Shed of Prosperity. Simply select it from the vehicle list and press Triangle to drive it. For this trophy you're going to need some Dynamite. This can be crafted in the Throwables section of the weapon wheel (left of the weapon wheel by pressing UP and DOWN).

Drive on a river and throw dynamite in the water, then drive over as it explodes to be catapulted up in the air. The plane will land back safely in the water and the trophy unlocks. The trick is to get the timing right. Just toss the Dynamite with R1 / RB and don't keep it in your hands. When you're driving at full speed that should get you the right timing. You can always craft more Dynamite if you need it.


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