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Kingdom Hearts 3: Centurion Guide

Tutorial Name: Kingdom Hearts 3: Centurion Guide  

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Centurion Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Centurion Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Score at least 12,000,000 pts. in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead. {Bronze]

World: Toy Box
Area: Galaxy Toys Main Floor 3F

You can only play this minigame after having beaten the Toy Box world for the first time. Then you can fast travel back to this world and go to "Galaxy Toys Main Floor 3F" fast travel point. Go inside the Game Store (the one that has number 999999 on the wall). At the end of the store, in the very center, you can interact with a big game controller. It will have a green highlight on it when you get close and you can press Triangle to interact. During your first Toy Box playthrough you will already have played Verum Rex in the video game store, but it didn't give you a score. Only when replaying this world you can earn a highscore and get this trophy.

Strategy: The key to getting 12 million points is to build up one continuous multiplier streak without ever losing it, until the last boss at least. Also use lots of explosive oil tanks to kill enemies as it gives huge "trap kill" and "simultaneous kill" bonuses at the end that net you an extra 2 million points or so.

When the match starts, get in the blue Gigas (robot) before you. However, we don't actually want this blue Gigas. The purple one is much better, its cannon shoots twice as fast. So, boost jump to the left side of the arena in front of you, there's a purple Gigas (robot) there. Get into that one, it kills enemies much quicker. Now the key is to kill all enemies in quick succession without losing the multiplier. Stick to the left side of the arena where a ramp goes up. There are two explosive oil tanks close together. One is at the bottom of the ramp and one a little bit up the ramp. You should make good use of these! Whenever an enemy is near an oil tank, shoot the tank! These kills give you huge bonus points at the end. It's also a great way to keep up your multiplier streak and score simultaneous kills. Keep in mind your cannon shots are flying slowly, but just 1 hit is enough to blow up the oil tanks. So just fire a few lasers in the direction of the oil tank when an enemy is there and immediately refocus your fire on another enemy. This way your shots will blow up the oil tank after a few seconds but you can already focus on other enemies in the meantime.


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