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Devil May Cry 5: The Quick and the Dead Guide

Tutorial Name: Devil May Cry 5: The Quick and the Dead Guide  

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Devil May Cry 5: The Quick and the Dead Guide

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) - The Quick and the Dead Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Defeat 5 enemies in 1 second. [Bronze]

You can get this early on in the first enemy encounter of Mission 02. Play on "Human" or "Heaven or Hell" difficulty and make sure you have the "Helter Skelter" devil breaker equipped before starting the mission. It can be bought from the shop.

Kill the first 3 enemies. Then 5 more enemies spawn. Let them get close to you and hold :circle: with the Helter Skelter to kill them all simultaneously. On Heaven or Hell all enemies die in 1 hit. On Human you may have to weaken them a little bit first. If it doesn't work on first try, restart the checkpoint to retry.

An alternative method is to use Super Nero's "Maximum Bet" skill. You unlock Super Nero by beating Dante Must Die difficulty. It's a huge shockwave move that kills everything in its path. On Heaven or Hell difficulty it's easiest because enemies die in a single hit. This difficulty is also unlocked after beating "Dante Must Die".


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