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Devil May Cry 5: Well I'll Be Damned Guide (Secret Ending)

Tutorial Name: Devil May Cry 5: Well I'll Be Damned Guide (Secret Ending)  

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Devil May Cry 5: Well I'll Be Damned Guide

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) - Well I'll Be Damned Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide & Secret Ending - Wield overwhelming power to exact an unexpected conclusion. [Gold]

You earn this trophy for seeing the secret ending in the Prologue. To trigger the secret ending you must beat Urizen, the boss in the Prologue. This will automatically happen in "Heaven or Hell" difficulty. In that mode all enemies die in 1 single hit, including this boss. You can also do it on Human difficulty but that's much harder. If you'd rather do it the hard way, you have to shoot the red crystal of the boss and evade his attacks. When the red crystal is gone you can attack him for a few seconds on his throne but he will repair the red crystal within a few seconds. Then you have to repeat the process until he's dead. Really though, just do it in Heaven or Hell difficulty because it's a guaranteed unlock in that mode and takes no effort whatsoever.


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