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The Division 2: Strength in Numbers Guide

Tutorial Name: The Division 2: Strength in Numbers Guide  

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The Division 2: Strength in Numbers Guide

In The Division 2 you can create your own clan or join an existing clan.

How to Create & Join Clans

Step 1: Recruit Grace Larson from the Theather Settlement. To unlock her for recruitment you must accept and complete main missions & side missions from the NPCs at the theater settlement. Below are images that show Grace Larson's location. She will be the 2nd staff member that you can recruit. She's on the top floor of the Theater building.

Step 2: Head back to the White House and talk to Grace Larson in the East Wing, ground floor.

Step 3: By talking to Grace you unlock the option to Create Clans and Join Clans! That's all there is to it.

Joining a clan is simple enough, simply talk to Grace at the White House. When you create your own clan, you can select an insignia, name, and preferences (such as region, activities, language and more).

To invite players to your clan: Open the pause menu > click on "Clan" in the top left corner > Roster > Add Member.

Do note that clans must have at least 4 players to unlock new functions and earn rewards! There is a hard limit of 50 players per clan. At 50 players the clan caps out and no more players can join unless someone gets kicked off.

Creating or joining a clan also unlocks the Strength in Numbers trophy and achievement.


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