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The Division 2: Dark Zone Blackout Hijack Guide

Tutorial Name: The Division 2: Dark Zone Blackout Hijack Guide  

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The Division 2: Dark Zone Blackout Hijack Guide

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Hijack an extraction in any dark zone during a blackout. [Silver]

Step 1: Go to the daily Occupied Dark Zone. It's the one with red dagger icon. Each day 1 of the 3 possible Dark Zones will be occupied, this randomly changes every calendar day (not in-game day).

Step 2: Go to extraction point and during extraction a robot dog with purple health bar can spawn (about 30% chance). Destroy it. It causes an EMP Blackout when it dies, meaning players in the area can't use skills anymore. In the scene from the video I did it in the southern DZ. But I also got the robot dog to spawn in the West DZ, northern extraction point.

Step 3: After another player has attached their loot to the helicopter, cut the rope by holding Triangle / Y.

Easy way to "boost" this: Invite a friend and kill enemies in Occupied Dark Zone until they find contaminated gear. During extraction kill the robot dog together. Then have your friend leave the group, attach their loot, and you cut the rope. This way you don't need to wait for random players to extract their gear. If the robot dog doesn't spawn, let the helicopter go away and then immediately call for extraction again. Repeat until it spawns. You can also lure a robot dog here from another enemy group to reduce the randomness.


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