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Mortal Kombat 11: Gimme Dat Money / Get Over Here Guide

Tutorial Name: Mortal Kombat 11: Gimme Dat Money / Get Over Here Guide  

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Mortal Kombat 11: Enough Already, Gimme Dat Money, Get Over Here Trophy Guide

Mortal Kombat 11 - Trophy & Achievement Guide for Enough Already, Gimme Dat Money, Get Over Here

Enough Already
Hit the Gong in the Krypt

Gimme Dat Money
Spend 50,000 koins in the Naknadan shrine

Get Over Here
Spear 50 hanging bodies in the Krypt

Go to Main Menu -- Konquer -- Krypt. This video is a continous Krypt Walkthrough that will guide you through it step by step, starting in the first room of the Krypt.

Step 1: At start of Krypt open the first 2 chests to get 100,000 Koins, which also opens the door in front of you. Keep walking straight ahead to find Shao Kahn's hammer on an altar, pick it up.

Step 2: Destroy the Wooden Gate using the Hammer. After the wooden gate, head left and use the hammer on a crumbling wall. Behind the crumbling wall is a big gong. Hit it with the hammer. -- ENOUGH ALREADY UNLOCKED! (Couldn't fit it in the title but this video also shows how to get this trophy!)

Step 3: This will open a new gate in the Courtyard, go through that gate to come to the forge. Take the path to the right of the Forge and you'll reach the Shrine. Spend 50,000 at this Shrine -- GIMME DAT MONEY UNLOCKED!

Step 4: Take the path to the right of the Shrine. A meteorite will crash through a statue. Destroy the Meteorite to get Gem of the Living.

Step 5: Head back to where the 1st Gong was. To the left of the gong is a door where you can use the Gem of the Living to open it. This brings you to the Gardens area.

Step 6: In the Gardens area, destroy the wooden barricade on the left, then pull the lever behind it. This unlocks a prison cell with the key item Cracked Horn of Motaro inside. Pick it up. Bring the Cracked Horn of Motaro to the big gate where the meteorite crashed. Insert the horn in that gate to open it.

Step 7: Behind the gate is an elevator leading down to Goro's Lair. In Goro's Lair take the path straight ahead until you come to a throne with Goro's white frozen corpse sitting on it. Take the path behind the throne (slightly to the right) and at the end of that path you find Scorpion's Spear! The images below show the spot where the Spear is.

Step 8: Walk around the Krypt and spam Triangle (PS4) / Y (XB1) to grab bodies. When you run out of bodies, return to the Courtyard. Exit the Krypt and re-enter it immediately. New bodies will spawn around the courtyard every time you exit and enter the Krypt so repeat this until you got 50 bodies destroyed.


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