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Mortal Kombat 11: How to Play as Bug-Vorah

Tutorial Name: Mortal Kombat 11: How to Play as Bug-Vorah  

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Mortal Kombat 11: How to Play as Bug-Vorah

Mortal Kombat 11 - Total Disrespect Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Defeat an opponent as Bug-Vorah [Bronze]

Bug-Vorah is the "Mother Bug" special ability from D'Vorah that you must equip in character customizaton first.

Step 1: Go to Main Menu -- Kustomize -- Characters -- D'Vorah (press X to select her).

Step 2: Immediately after selecting her, press LEFT and X to Create Kustom Variation. Press X again to select the default icon.

Step 3: Press X on the new Custom built -- 2 x R1 to switch to "Abilities".

Step 4: Unequip the pre-selected Abilities by pressing X on them (the ones that have a golden checkbox).

Step 5: Now you can equip the last Ability on the list called "Mother Bug". This ability triggers automatically and summons Bug-Vorah when your health has depleted in the last round.

Optional Step: Go to Main Menu -- Press Options-Button -- Gameplay -- Rounds to Win = 1 (makes the match shorter)

Step 6: Go to Main Menu -- Fight -- Local -- select D'Vorah and press LEFT to select your custom loadout. Make sure the two Mother Bug icons are showing, this means it saved the loadout correctly. If these ability icon's aren't showing it means you must go back into the ability customization and save it again to ensure Mother-Bug is properly selected.

Step 7: Put the Match on Very Easy difficulty. Damage the opponent until they have only a little health left. Then let them defeat you. As soon as your health is gone it summons Bug-Vorah to the rescue! Now you fly around with this little bug and hit the opponent with it to win the match! It automatically turns you back to D'Vorah after defeating the opponent. Hit him one more time and the match will be won and the Total Disrespect trophy will unlock.


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