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Days Gone: This is a Knife Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Days Gone: This is a Knife Trophy Guide  

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Days Gone: This is a Knife Trophy Guide

Days Gone This is a Knife Trophy Guide - Kill a Breaker, Reacher, or Rager with a knife [Silver]

Breakers are huge muscular Freakers that like to bodyslam you. Reachers are the most agile Freakers, they like to dodge and hide and have some fur on their backs (don't confuse with Runners), Ragers are infected Bears that have more health than normal bears and got a blade sticking out their back.
You encounter all 3 of these enemy types in free-roam in the 5th region "Crater Lake" and in the 6th region "Highway 97". After the story they will spawn in all other regions, too.

The best and also easiest way to get this early is in Story Mission "Playing All Night". It's the first time you visit the 4th region Iron Butte. There you'll fight a single Breaker (unmissable). What's great about this spot is that it shows you the health of the Breaker, while in free-roam it does not. Try to get the trophy at this opportunity.

You can weaken the enemy with other weapons first. Only the final hit must be from the Boot Knife. That's the default knife you always carry with you.


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