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Man of Medan: Only Men Survived Ending

Tutorial Name: Man of Medan: Only Men Survived Ending  

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Man of Medan: Only Men Survived Ending

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan ONLY MEN SURVIVED ENDING for RIGHT THERE WITH YA BOYS Trophy / Achievement (All Girls Died).

You must finish the game with only the 3 males Alex, Brad, Conrad surviving. This means the 2 females Fliss and Julia must die. Luckily, you can get this through chapter select (unlocked after story) without having to replay the entire game. When using chapter select, make sure you create a new save and don't overwrite the finished game save. You must play all chapters after the one where you start.

Beware: During the radio call in Chapter "Distress Signal" do NOT give the military any information (just pick "SAY NOTHING"). This call is a trap and if you tell them the name of the ship they will come during the final cutscene to kill all survivors!

- Chapter: Uninvited Guests - Julia doesn't decompress at the end of her dive. In "Ghost Story" she goes on to drink alcohol. This makes her die from the Bends during the final cutscene.
(-) Quicker Alternative through Chapter Select: After finding the radio in "Distress Call", Julia goes down the hole. When she encounters Junior, he shoots her.

- Chapter: Glamor Girl (*Conrad mustn't have used the Speedboat) - Conrad reaches the top of the water tower at the end of the chase and chooses to confront the nurse. If Alex found the kitchen knife earlier in Chapter "Caskets" and gave it to Conrad, then Conrad can push the nurse down the tower so she dies. In reality the nurse is Fliss, but Conrad is affected by the Mansurian Gold chemical that leaked on the ship, which makes him see her as a Nurse demon. If the nurse dies, it's Fliss who dies.

- Chapter: Distress Signal - During the radio call pick SAY NOTHING and don't give the military any info (if you tell them the name of the ship they will kill all survivors). After the call, Julia goes down the hole.


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