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Nioh 2: Dungball Roller Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Nioh 2: Dungball Roller Trophy Guide  

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Nioh 2: Dungball Roller Trophy Guide

Nioh 2 Dungball Roller Trophy Guide - Became Ryunojo the Dung Lover's best friend. [Bronze]

You find Ryunojo the Dung Lover in Main Mission 9: Bird in a Cage.

After the 2nd Shrine, head left into a cave with poison pools. Ryunojo is at the end of the cave, after climbing up a ladder.

You must give him 30 Dungballs to get the trophy (Noble Dungballs count as multiple normal Dungballs). You can farm Dungballs from killing Tesso enemies (the poison farting monks). You should get 1 Dung Ball every 5 Tessos on average. You also find plenty of Dungballs and Noble Dungballs from corpses (yellow item pickups) in this mission and throughout the rest of the game. To make this less grindy, keep this as one of your last trophies. You'll encounter many more Tesso enemies on your way to platinum.
When you are done with the story come back to this mission. If you don't have 30 dungballs by that point, keep killing Tesso. Then hand all dungballs to Ryunojo and the trophy will unlock.


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