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Nioh 2: Devout Believer Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Nioh 2: Devout Believer Trophy Guide  

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Nioh 2: Devout Believer Trophy Guide

Nioh 2 Devout Believer Trophy Guide - Defeated the boss of "The Viper's Sanctum" without breaking the statue of Shirohami. [Bronze]

This takes place in Main Mission 3: The Viper's Sanctum.
In this mission you can find 3 Snake Statues. You could destroy them to get rid of the poison in the area, which also drains the poison pools in the boss area. With the poison pools gone from the boss battle it makes the fight easier. But for this trophy you must do it the hard way. This can be pretty challenging on the first playthrough of the mission. It's better to ignore this trophy until you've beaten the game and reached Level 100+. Then replay the mission and head straight for the boss without destroying the Snake Statues. Because you are so overleveled, you will be able to defeat the boss quickly despite the poison.

If you decide to tackle it early on, be sure to buy the Ninja Skill "Medicine: Anti-toxin Pill II" and equip as many of them as you can carry. This cures the poison effect. Also equip the Magic skill "Rejuvenation Talisman" to heal yourself over time. As long as you stay out of the 3 poison pools in the boss fight it won't be too bad. Attack the boss when it slithers past you and when it summons its snake arms through the ground. Try to destroy both its snake arms before it goes into Yokai Realm mode.


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