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Nioh 2: All Hot Spring Locations

Tutorial Name: Nioh 2: All Hot Spring Locations  

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Nioh 2: All Hot Spring Locations

There are 27 Nioh 2 Hot Spring Locations. Finding all Hot Springs unlocks the Spa Lover trophy.

None of them are missable! You can still get all hot springs after the story via level select.
After you sit in the hot spring bath it's counted instantly and you can quit the mission immediately without reaching the next checkpoint (the progress is still saved).

To see your totals go to Titles - Gameplay Records - Others - Hot Springs discovered. Each one counts for 3.7% (so just divide your total percentage by 3.7 to get how many you have). On the world map you can also press X on a mission and then R1 to see how many collectibles (including Hot Springs) you found there.

Please note that the hot springs from main missions also appear again in side missions, but it's not necessary to get them again (when a side mission takes place in same area as main mission the hot spring will be found in the same place). You only need to find each unique hot springs once. If you found them in the main missions you don't need to get them again in the side missions. This video shows them in the order of first appearance.


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