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Final Fantasy VII: Dancing Queen Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Dancing Queen Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Dancing Queen Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Dancing Queen Trophy Guide - Receive a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar. [Bronze]

Chapter 9 / Objective: Aerith's Plan / Area: Honeybee Inn

After Aerith has changed into a new dress, she will take you to Honeybee Inn where you're supposed to get the approval of Andrea to audition for Don Corneo.

There will be a forced dancing minigame. The dancing tutorial doesn't matter for it (but it does give a Music CD Collectible if you get 10x "Great" rating, so do it). For this trophy only the main dance with Andrea matters. It goes on for about 3 minutes. All you do is press the buttons shown on screen when they start to glow (a hexagon around the button will narrow down and start glowing, that's when you need to press it for a "Great" rating).

To get this trophy you must finish the Dance with a very high overall rating. I got 26 x "Great" / 2 x "Good" / 0 x "Bad" when the trophy unlocked. When you're doing it right, you will see Aerith clapping her hands above her head. If she's applauding you'll get the trophy after Cloud puts on his dress after the dance. If Aerith makes a comment like "Well you tried" you have failed.

It's highly recommended you make a manual save before the dance (as soon as you enter Honeybee Inn). Because if you fail you cannot repeat the dance unless you reload a previous save.


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