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Final Fantasy VII: Sultan of Squat Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Final Fantasy VII: Sultan of Squat Trophy Guide  

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Final Fantasy VII: Sultan of Squat Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake Sultan of Squat Trophy Guide - Complete all squat challenges. [Bronze]

Chapter 9 - Side Quest: Burning Thighs

First, you must complete Side Quest "Burning Thighs" in Chapter 9. There are 3 Squat Challenges total (Trainee, Amateur, Pro). The first Squat Challenge (Trainee) is automatically completed as part of the side quest.

After completing the quest, you can talk to Jay in the Gym for the Amateur challenge and then challenge Jules for the Pro Challenge. After you did all 3 the trophy unlocks.

All you must do is press TRIANGLE - CIRLCE - X - SQUARE with the right timing. If you press a button too slow or too fast you'll fall down which costs you time. The goal is to do more Squats than your opponent. In the last 2 challenges you will get fatigued and must smash X quickly when the button prompt shows up, followed by one press of SQUARE when the button shows. The more squats you have done successfully in a row, the faster you can press the buttons without falling down.


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