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Detroit Become Human: All Magazine Locations

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human: All Magazine Locations  

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Detroit Become Human: All Magazine Locations

Detroit Become Human has 46 Magazine Locations (Collectibles). Finding all Magazines unlocks the Bookworm trophy. It's impossible to locate all magazines on the first playthrough because they depend on your choices. Some reflect on events in the game, what this means is if you chose Decision A you will get magazine A - if you chose decision B you will get magazine B (in the exact same location a different magazine will spawn). The requirements are all pointed out in the collectible guide. Grab what you can and clean up the rest in chapter select. Some of these will require partial replays.

If you did miss a choice-specific magazine you must replay all chapters from the point where the important choice takes place. You cannot jump/skip the chapters in between as it doesn't save your progress this way. After finding a magazine you you can quit out immediately and it will show up in the extras menu which is enough for the trophy. However, if you're going for 100% flowchart completion you must play the chapter until the end to make it register in the flowchart (cannot quit out to the main menu immediately). Make sure you have the Save Feature enabled when searching these through chapter select if you want 100% flowchart completion.

This guide lists them in chronological chapter order as well as the numbers and names that the magazines have in the Extras Menu. In the Extras Menu you can check at any time which ones you are missing. You can also check the flowchart of each chapter, they are listed there too.

Important: You have to read every page and check both covers of each magazine. They usually have two cover topics. Swipe down on the touchpad to scroll through the pages and swipe right to view the other cover. Even though they are in the same magazine they count as separate collectibles!


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