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Pokemon Go Sinnoh Celebration Event Guide

Tutorial Name: Pokemon Go Sinnoh Celebration Event Guide  

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The month of February has brought wondrous new things for Pokemon GO, in specific; Pokemon Go Sinnoh Celebration Event which was recently announced last Friday. You, the player, has been given the chance to get your hands on some of the game\'s more legendary Pokemon from the series.

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Celebration Event
This new event makes the spawn rates of Sinnoh Pokemon higher, in both the wild and the raids. Which means, it\'s time to start catching \'em all; so you can scratch Sinnoh off your list.

It\'s not only Pokemon, but activities like research tasks and challenges will now provide you with Sinnoh stones.

Don\'t know what Sinnoh stones are? You need this item to evolve a bunch of Pokemon, making this a rare commodity back in the normal days; but the event allows you to get your hand on a few of these pretty easily.

New Shinies!
The new celebration brings you the opportunity to catch a shiny Hippopotas and Riolu for the first time ever; we must say, Riolu looks a little badass in that color scheme.

Farm the Sinnoh Stones
You are going to want to use this opportunity to farm the much sought after commodity; Sinnoh Stones, while you can.

The Stones are in fact quite valuable and used to evolve a number of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region and make them more powerful. Following is the list of all Pokemon compatible with the Sinnoh Stone.

    Nosepass evolves to Probopass.
    Aipom evolves to Ambipom.
    Lickitung evolves to Lickilicky.
    Tangela evolves to Tangrowth.
    Yanma evolves to Yanmega.
    Male Kirlia evolves to Gallade.
    Female Snorunt evolves to Froslass.
    Rhydon evolves to Rhyperior.
    Electabuzz evolves to Electivire.
    Magmar evolves to Magmortar.
    Togetic evolves to Togekiss.
    Misdreavus evolves to Mismagius.
    Murkrow evolves to Honchkrow.
    Gligar evolves to Gliscor.
    Sneasel evolves to Weavile.
    Porygon 2 evolves to Porygon-Z.
    Roselia evolves to Roserade.
    Dusclops evolves to Dusknoir,
    Piloswine evolves to Mamoswine.

Research Tasks
Sinnoh Celebration: Use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve a Pokemon
Reward: Cranidos encounter.

Sinnoh Celebration: Hatch 5 eggs

Reward: Sinnoh Stone.

Sinnoh Celebration: Catch 5 Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup
Reward: 1,000 Stardust.

Sinnoh Celebration: Win a Raid
Reward: Hippopotas encounter.

Sinnoh Celebration: Catch 5 Kricketot
Reward: Combee encounter.


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