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Temtem Tier List

Tutorial Name: Temtem Tier List  

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The Temtems are divided into different tiers according to their overall stats, techniques, type defence etc based on how well they perform in combat. For that reason, we prepared this Temtem Tier List to help you figure out which ones are the best.

Temtem Tier List
Starting from S-tier all the way down to D-tier, these Temtem are some of the best in the game. The higher their tier, the more effective and versatile they are in combat but also more difficult to get your hands on.

S Tier
This is the topmost tier of Temtems. This includes the temtems whose stats are the most balanced and perform better against most temtem types. Some S Tier temtems are:

Saku is a Nature and Wind-type Temtem. Saku evolves from Kaku. Its defence is high which makes it a strong option for your squad.

Gyalis is a Crystal and Melee type Temtem. Gyalis has very high speed which makes it a viable option for your squad.

Volarend is a Toxic and Wind type Temtem. It evolves from Zephyruff. Its Sp. Def makes it stand out among other Temtems.

Pigepic is a wind type Temtem. It does not have any evolution, but it still is a very strong Temtem with all stats very well rounded making it a very good choice for your squad.

A Tier
Following Temtems make it to the A Tier of Temtems:

Barnshe is a Mental and Wind-type Temtem. It is difficult to catch as it has only a 5% spawn rate but its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def may make it worth the effort.

Raize is a Fire-type Temtem. It evolves from Raiber and evolves into Raican. It is an extremely valuable fighting Temtem.

Kinu is a Nature and Mental type Temtem. The elusive Kinu are some of the rarest Nature Temtem. Sp. Def is very high and that is why it is a high tier Temtem.

Anahir is a Crystal and Fire type Temtem. It has very high Def and Sp. Def and is a great Tank choice for your squad.

B Tier
Platimous is a Water and Toxic-type Temtem. It evolves from Platox. It has great Speed and Defence stats.

Mudrid is a Earth and Crystal-type Temtem. It evolves from Bunbun after 20 levels and high speed and HP makes it a good choice for your team.

Skunch is a Neutral and Melee-type Temtem. Skunch evolves from Skail, and it is not known to evolve into any other Temtem. Balanced stats make Skunch a good choice.

Saipat is a Water and Melee type Temtem. High HP and Attack makes it a good choice.

C Tier
Loali is a Nature and Wind-type Temtem. It evolves from Swali. Its stamina, speed and Sp. Def is very good and makes it a good option for your squad.

Granpah is a Wind-type Temtem. It evolves from Paharac.

Wiplump is a Water and Wind-type Temtem. It is the evolution of Fomu. Sp. Atk is high and makes it a nice choice.

Nidrasil is a Nature and Toxic-type Temtem. It evolves from Orphyll after 22 levels. Its Atk and Def is high with other stats balanced.

D Tier
Taifu is a Nature-type Temtem. It evolves from Hidody. It has a very high stamina along with great Sp. Atk and Sp. Def.

Babawa is a Nature and Water-type Temtem. It evolves from Bigu after 18 levels. Its HP and Stamina is very high. Can be a good choice against low stamina opponents.

Sherald is a Crystal-type Temtem. It evolves from Crystle.

Mushook is a Toxic and Melee-type Temtem. It evolves from Mushi after 20 levels


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