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Borderlands 3 Best Gunner (Moze) Builds

Tutorial Name: Borderlands 3 Best Gunner (Moze) Builds  

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Borderlands 3 Gunner (Moze) Builds
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Demolition Woman
In her Action Skills slots, Moze has powerful mech weapons. In the Demolition Woman tree, that\'s the V-35 Grenade Launcher.

Owing to that, this tree is very based around buffing splash damage, which makes it quite specialized but great for crowd control.

Once it\'s been upgraded you can swap out the launcher Action Skill for a pod of exploding rockets that you can reload more quickly. If you want to dish out wide damage to a lot of enemies without a lot of utility, then this is your tree.

You can grab an augment that buffs direct hits if you want some single-target damage though.

Shield of Retribution
The Shield of Retribution tree is best described as a support tank skillset, with access to a long-distance Railgun as well as the beastly melee-based Bear Fist.

Its passives are focussed on increasing Moze\'s Iron Bear\'s survivability with increased shields and resistances, but also refreshing her allies\' shields and boosting their gun damage.

Shield of Retribution isn\'t really for solo players, as some of its skills effects will be wasted without allies, but the Bear Fist is hard to pass up.

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Bottomless Mags
Bottomless Mags provides support in a slightly different way: suppressing fire. The heat-based Minigun Action Skill allows you to pump out sustained pressure wherever you are.

This is probably the best tree to combine with another, because it has a lot of universally applicable passives that will be useful to any playstyle.

Things like Scrappy, Stoke the Embers, and Rushin\' Offensive are quality buffs, while Specialist Bear lets you equip two of your favourite Iron Bear weapons to boost its damage.

However, another of Moze\'s great strengths is splash damage. Run the following build to make the most of this and create an area-of-effect monster:

From Demolition Woman -
5 points in Fire in the Skag Den
3 points in Means of Destruction
5 points in Torgue Cross-Promotion
3 points in Pull the Holy Pin
5 points in Vampyr
3 points in Why can\'t I hold all of these grenades
1 point in To the Last
1 point in Short Fuse

Then from Shield of Retribution -
5 points in Selfless Vengeance
5 points in Armoured Infantry
5 points in Drowning in Brass
1 point in Experimental Munitions

Finally double-equip the Vanquisher Rocket Pods and Hammerdown Protocol Augments. This Gunner build is exceptional for crowd control and makes the most of the Moze\'s explosive (best) attributes both solo and as part of a team.


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